Monday, October 17, 2011

A Rambling Post About Connecting With Others, Headbutting, and Product Descriptions

Apology:  This is a rambling post.  This post does not contain many pictures as our good camera is en route to Panasonic for service.  I am too lazy this week to re-install the software for the old camera to upload new pictures.  Please bear with me.  

When I was in college, the Internet was in it infancy.  It wasn't until my sophomore year that I got an e-mail account and the only one who e-mailed me was my Uncle Roger.  My family owned one cell phone.  Actually, it was referred to as a car phone and it came in an enormous bag and was plugged into the cigarette lighter.  I had a phone on the wall in my dorm and access to numerous pay phones on campus.  I was able to call home and my friends whenever I wanted but I had to pay long distance.  I could not send cute, funny, or sad messages to my friends and family and expect them to get it within seconds.  I had to use the mail!  I owned lots of stationary and bought lots of cards.  Downstairs in our basement I have boxes and boxes of letters, cards, and postcards from my friends and family.  Some letters were literally four to five pages long, full of wonderful details.  I kind of miss those days.  The only person who still writes me a real letter is my grandmother.  It was the paper, the handwriting, the words that brought a connection that is unequal to an e-mail or text message.  But we connect electronically now.  Through blogging, I can connect with friends all over the country and with my husband when he is travelling for work.  What is even more mind boggling, is that I am able to reach people with my silly blog all over the world.  I have had readers in the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Iraq, and the Philippines. How cool is that!!!  I would love to know how you all found me.  Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment and let me know how you found 715 Pillows.

The three Mlutkowski girls!  We are never far apart.  
As you know, my children are driving me a little batty.  But, at two and almost five I think it would be unrealistic to suppose that they would not drive me nuts.  Today, Mimi was standing in the entryway to the kitchen with her arms and legs outstretched so her sister could not enter.  Well, Violet does not put up with much of anything so she reared back, moved forward and headbutted her sister out of the way.  Mimi seemed a little shocked and thought her sister should get into trouble.  While Violet should not headbutt her sister, Mimi should not be putting herself in the situation where a headbutt might be called for.  I could go on since I have been dealing with the scenarios since Friday.  The point is, my head needs a soft pillow and I need a break but product descriptions must be written.

I have been looking at the Etsy website and noticing that 90% of the throw pillows sewn are pillow covers.  This means two things:  1.  I am onto something and there is a need for complete pillows or 2.  I am missing the boat completely.  I guess I will know soon enough as I am getting seriously close to opening my store.  If you look up 715 Pillows under people on you will find my empty store.  I have checked out the descriptions other sellers have posted.  They are all well written and professional.  I want mine to be well written, professional, and a little funny.  Do you think I can do it?  Of course I can!  I actually googled the history of the throw pillow tonight and found a few fun facts.  Maybe I can incorporate these facts into my product descriptions.  Here are some fun pillow facts:

1.  Pillows were initially reserved for wealthy men in Asia and found in Egyptian tombs.
2.  In Tudor England, only women in labor and weak men were allowed pillows.
3.  Egyptians slept on pillows made from stone.  Yikes!
4. The Industrial Revolution brought about mass produced decorative throw pillows to the masses at     affordable costs.

Why not have fun with the descriptions?  If it is okay for Groupon, is it okay for 715 Pillows?  Words can have lasting impact so I need to think carefully about what I want to do and what is right for 715 Pillows.  I am not going to share what I wrote tonight, you will just have to wait and see.  But unlike the Egyptian's pillows, my words are not set in stone.  I would love your feed back.  Let me know on Facebook, e-mail, or even in the comment section of this blog.      

Now, if anyone have ever received a voicemail from me, you know that I ramble something awful.  My husband is usually sitting next to me laughing or mouthing to me, "End it!"  This post reminds me of a voicemail.  I have a couple things to say and none of them are related.  But, blame it on my husband.  He told me he likes reading my blogs when he travels.  I told him I did not have anything good to blog about but he told me to do it.  So, if you all hate this post, throw the tomatoes at Kevin.  Just don't throw them at our house since he is not home to clean up the mess.

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