Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pillows for Sale: 715 Pillows is Officially Open for Business!

It has been an awesome weekend!  My husband came home and if you read about my frustrations and misfortunes last week you will know that having another adult in my house is a dream come true.  I have spent the last few days enjoying a good mix of time with my family, time with my girlfriends, and I even enjoyed some alone time.  On Friday, after dropping Mimi off at school, I went fabric shopping with Kevin and Violet.  I have to say, I got some pretty great stuff.  I am actually kind of jealous because quite a few of the patterns would look pretty snazzy in my house.  You can probably tell by the title of this post that there is a reason for buying so much fabric.

MY ETSY STORE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!!  Feel free to click on this link to see some awesome pillows:  What is strange to me is that this is my store, my project, my baby.  Almost exactly a year ago, I was stressing out because I was starting my job as a paralegal and simultaneously interviewing for a position as a part-time city planner, which I did not get.  Never did I think I would be selling pillows.  Never.  I was super stressed and excited by all the changes and a year later I am once again super excited and not so stressed.  Right now I have five different pillows for sale on Etsy.  I have something for everyone:  grown-ups, kids, and those who love Christmas decor!  Check it out, here is the link in case you missed it:  In the next couple days/weeks, I have plans to add more pillows.  Check for updates and additions regarding Etsy.

Hoo wants an owl pillow?  Check out Etsy!

Classy brown and ivory throw pillow.

Versatile and fun!

Christmas cheer, anyone?
This pillow will be added to the store before I go to bed tonight.
Speaking of Facebook, watch my Facebook page for my upcoming contest.  I will be giving away two small butterfly pillows in a contest scheduled to start on Wednesday.  In order to enter, you will have to like 715 Pillows on Facebook.  So go ahead, like me!

In other news, I am getting my inventory ready not just for Etsy but also for the Candy Lane Craft Show which will be on Saturday, December 10 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Berkley Community Center.  Thursday afternoon I dropped off my application and check.  Feel free to come by and say hi.  This will be my first craft show.  Also, I have not attended a craft show since I was in middle school and high school when I would walk up to the Fox Fair with my mom.  Yeah, it has been over twenty years since I have stepped foot in a local craft show.  Yeah, it would be nice to see some smiling faces.  I am thinking I might have a bowl of free Christmas candy at my table...  Free candy and pillows for sale...  I know you are interested.

Well, these are my exciting updates:  I had a really fun weekend, I opened my Etsy store, there will be a contest on Wednesday, and a craft show on December 10th.  Whew!  I think I am going to be a little busy.  But, if I wasn't busy I would be bored so this is a very good thing!

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