Thursday, October 27, 2011

Percystence: Yes, I Just Made Up a Word

Persistence: Noun
1.  the act of fact of persisting
2.  the quality of being persistent
3.  the continued existence or occurrence
4.  the continuance of an effect after the cause is removed

1.  a word made up by me
2.  the quality of annoyance and pain
3.  something that happens when Kevin is out of town

 I won't be sewing for a few days.  My neck is a little sore and feel best in the upright position.  Yes, Kevin went to Washington DC today.  Just for the day, no biggie.  However, today I woke up and decided a medical procedure was in order.  Isn't that how you all start your day?  Instead of giving the girls a bath, I summoned my parents and summoned my dermatologist due to a persistent cyst that has been making it's presence known for the past week.

Yeah, I have a cyst on the back of my neck.  No big deal as it has been there for about two years.  It has been the size of a mosquito bite for most of it's life.  About a week ago, as Kevin was on his way to Cincinnati, I noticed the bugger getting a bit bigger.  Then it started to hurt a bit.  Then Kevin came home and I scheduled an appointment to see a doctor.  I was told it was nothing to worry about but if it hurt, then the cyst needs to be removed.  But, in order to get it removed, I need to see a plastic surgeon due to all the important nerves and veins that call the neck home.  Yippee!  Now you must know, I have an aversion to medical procedures so this must tell you one thing:  the sucker hurt.  It felt like an enormous bruise.  The first appointment I could get with the surgeon was not until November 8th.  In the mean time, meaning two days, this lump on my neck had grown about three times larger.  It was interrupting my life as in I could only sleep on my left side (just like when I was pregnant,) I was losing the ability to fully move my neck, and I was in a lot of pain.  This morning I decided to call the derm again.

When I called, I explained to the nurse, using my words, what was going on.  Basically, I can't stand it anymore, this sucker is huge, I found another lump, and I can't wait until November 8th.  This nurse takes this as a medical emergency because she thinks the cyst has grown three times larger and gets me an appointment for 10:45 this morning.  Nope, not a medical emergency though.  The cyst is the same size just surrounded by fluid and the second lump is a lymph node that is upset by it's neighbor, Mr. Cyst.  Thank God, because after playing around on the internet I was pretty sure death was coming my way.  I seriously thought this.  I am every doctor's worse nightmare.  My doctor explained the cyst could be lanced.  I took this statement as a choice: lance or not to lance.  She said, "You will be lanced today.  That is why I brought you in."  Oh, okay then.  While getting numbed which hurt like hell I asked, "How long will this take?"  Doctor says, "Why?  Do you need to be someplace?"  "Me:  "Uh, no.  Just general curiosity."  This is not a medical blog.  This is not a gore blog.  I will save you all the gross details.  Just know, I thank God again for local numbing drugs because it was gross.  Blech!

Pain!  Pain! Pain! was what I felt for quite awhile after this took place.  I am still in pain but I also have some pain meds in my body.  But this is the conversation that really made me feel better:

Violet:  Mommy, what is on your neck?
Me:  A big bandaid
Violet:  Why?
Me:  The doctor had to fix my boo boo.
Violet:  Does your boo boo hurt?
Me:  A little bit.
Violet:  Here, take this rock it will make you better.
Me:  Thank you, sweetie pie.
Violet:  Are you all better now?

I love two year olds.  Mimi just stayed away from me and asked all of her questions about my general health to my mom.  I guess I am really scary with an extra large bandage on the back of my neck.  But, at least I know my girls love me!

Now, I must heal.  I have a hole in my neck.  The lancing will either cure the problem or not.  Time will only tell if the fluid will come back.  I have been told not to cancel that plastic surgery appointment anytime soon.  Grr...  So, don't expect me to be posting anymore pillows to Etsy over the weekend.  And, the only reason I am blogging is because I am waiting up for Kevin to come home and I feel best sitting up.  I am not even going to really promote this blog.  I just needed a venting forum.  Maybe I should have used my own personal journal.  Just know dear readers, if you have a cyst it is not abnormal for it to get huge and painful.  Just get it checked out and stay off of WebMd.

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