Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Ready for Etsy and a Contest! Wanna Sneak Peek at the Merchandise?

Guess what?  I have sewed 30 pillows since August!  This is kind of exciting for me given my past aversion to domestic arts.  However, even given my excitement, I am so not into the really important business details that come with trying to market a product.  Part of me in disbelief that I am handcrafting a product with the intent to sell.  How can this possibly work?  Therefore, I have been leaning on my husband to read articles on Etsy, to let me know what pricing should be, to inform me we are going to have to adjust graphics, to send me multiple e-mails on how to become an entrepreneur.  Kevin is wonderful and supportive and trust me, I am not making him do all the work.  I have spent quite a bit of time doing research too, but it is his confidence that is propelling the start of the "business."  Right now, I am a bit of a scaredy cat.  Let's face it, taking risks is scary.  Kevin is in Toronto and before he left said, "You should get your PayPal account set up.  It could take a week to activate."  I am so out of it.  I have never used PayPal and have no idea how to set up an account.  I also have not even attempted to look in to PayPal this week.  Oops, that's my bad.  Next week, Kevin and I can go through the details together.

Next week details -  this week I have been sewing.  And, I have to say the pillows look fantastic.  I mean, I would actually consider spending my own money on these pillows.   This is HUGE because most everyone knows I don't spend much money on myself these days.  Necessities only.  I am thinking that after this week, Dairy Store ice cream from MSU might be a future necessity - we have been postponing our trip to the Motherland due to weather and there is just no excuse for not going this weekend.  I digress.  The pillows are fabulous but there is an exception:  The butterfly fabric is so hard to work with due to the pattern.  If I pin my pattern and it is just a little off or when I cut, I cut just a little off, the whole pillow is askew just enough to make me angry., I am not going to sell these pillows.  In conjunction to opening my Etsy store at the end of the month, I am going to giveaway my "oops" butterfly pillows.  You will have to actually "Like" my Facebook page to qualify since that is where the contest will take place.  Stay tuned for more information.

Two of four pillows made from this pattern.
The fabric is a sturdier home decorator fabric. 

I hand sewed the seam - much improved since I first started.

These are the "oops" pillows I am going to give away in a future contest.
Make sure you "Like"  715 Pillows Facebook Page for a chance at winning

"Oops" pillow that still needs a lot of work.  I sewed the outside panel outside
of the pillow, instead of inside.  Can you say seam ripper?  

Four awesome pillows and two "oops" pillows getting ready to find a new home.
And yes, I need to work on staging these guys a little bit better.  

I am going to make this short, just thought I would share with you an update on what I have been working on lately.  This weekend, I am planning on spending lot of quality time with my family and sewing machine so more pillow to come.    Hope you enjoyed the photos of the pillows.  More to come...

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