Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pillows for Haven: Pillows Have Been Delivered!!!

Finally!  Mimi, Violet, and I drove to Pontiac this morning to deliver our pillows to HAVEN, the domestic violence shelter in Oakland County.  Last night, while the girls were sleeping, I bagged up the pillows so we could deliver them before Mimi had to be at school.  When they woke up this morning and saw the pillows, they were so excited about the delivery.  I think we need to do more volunteer projects as a family.  The girls seemed to enjoy it and learned a valuable lesson.  

The girls were having a hard time concentrating on smiling for this picture.
The wood chipper truck was down the street.

Mimi putting a bag of pillows into the trunk.

Ready to go!  After everyone is buckled in of course!
HAVEN is a great organization helping women who have been abused or raped.  Their website is in case anyone reading this needs help or knows someone who needs help.  There is also information on their website on how to volunteer for their organization.  

Thanks again to everyone who lent their support to my project.  I have appreciated all of your kind words and donations.  Now, get out there and volunteer!!!    

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