Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Workers Compensation: The Dangers of Sewing!

This post contains images of an actual incident that resulted in a wound.  Images may be disturbing to those who have a fear of sewing needles.  

Quite often, domestic arts are stigmatized...by me.  I am well educated and live in a time when women can have it all.  So why can't I?  It was 100% my choice to stay home when Mimi was born.  I knew I could not have it all.  I knew I would be a stressed out, cranky mess.  And, I knew I wanted to play with my kids full time for a couple years.  But on some levels I struggle because I really don't want to be a homemaker or housewife.  Ugh!  Horrible!  I want to be modern, not old fashioned.  But am I modern?  I stay home with my kids, I bake, and I sew and sound old fashioned.  Okay, here is where I am modern:  I drive a sub compact car and get excellent gas millage.  So, being the modern mom that I am, it always rankles me when I have made a plate of cookies and someone says to me, "Well, aren't you Susie Homemaker today!"  While I know that this is not a put down, I hate it.  I am not trying to be Susie Homemaker, I just thought my guests might want a snack.  And guess what, I like to have a fresh baked snack, too.  But, let me end my diatribe because I want to let you in on a little secret, domestic work is challenging.  Domestic work and parenting are physically and mentally challenging jobs.  No to mention, domestic arts, such as sewing are also dangerous.  Yes, dangerous!!!

I stay-at-home but am a Rosie on the inside!

I NEVER look like this when cleaning the house! 
First, I am sure everyone who is reading this blog has cleaned their house or cooked.  Maybe you haven't done a lot of sewing, but you have done plenty of other things.  A few years ago, while making lunch, I fell on a toy that was laying in the middle of the kitchen and busted my finger.  I tried to catch myself with the wall, finger first.  Dumb instinct.  The sucker swelled up and hurt for months.  Then, while making dinner for my mom whom was recovering from bunion surgery, I, um, there is no delicate way to put this, I singed my bosom.  Ugh, that was scary!  So, if I can get hurt cooking, you bet I can get hurt sewing.

I have completed all the necessary paperwork to be an official company.  The last thing I want is to be busted for income tax evasion.  But, I am still worried I have missed a couple steps and I am doing something wrong.   I own the name 715 Pillows for the next five years, according to Oakland County.  I have a federal tax id number and my Michigan sales tax license.  Pretty darn official.  So, when I hurt myself on the job, can I get Worker's Comp.  Nope!  I am a sole proprietor and I don't think I can could get a needle injury covered anyway.

Since I have started this little venture, I have poked myself a few times in the finger with needles and pins.  Once I stuck a pin under my finger nail.  OUCH!!!!!  But the worst injury incurred while sewing was caught on camera by husband.  I was sitting on my floor cutting and pinning a pillow when I inadvertently placed my foot on top of the pinned fabric and stuck a very long pin into my heal.  OMG!!!! PAIN!!!!  I think the pin actually hit bone.  But believe it or not, for such a serious wound, blood was not drawn.  So strange - does this mean I need a pedicure?  While I was pulling the pin out (very strange sight) and crying out in pain, Kevin grabbed the camera and recorded the following images for posterity.

Just after pin extraction.  
Massaging the wound.
Why am I sitting like that?  
I am happy to report that no lasting injuries were incurred.  While it is true that time wounds all heals, it is equally true that time heals all wounds.  So, here is to all the women out there who have wounded themselves in the home, you have my respect and sympathy.  And remember, 715 Pillows products are for sale on Etsy.  Have a safe day!

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