Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect: A Love Affair With Tags

For quite some time, I have been wanting to buy little tags to sew into the seams of my pillows, pillow covers, and tooth fairy pillows.  I thought it might be nice for customers to have a way to remember who made their pillow.  Now that I have a central website, 715pillows.com it made sense to get some tags that simple said, 715pillows.com.  But where to buy...

There are many online companies that sell tags.  It is actually a little overwhelming because there are so many options when it comes to sizes, styles, and fabric.  In the end, I went with an Etsy store named, gutenTAGs.  I love the name of the store and the seller was offering everything I needed in a tag.  I would highly recommend gutenTAGs for tags.  The service was fast and friendly, and the tags were affordable.  (gutenTAGs did not ask me to say anything nice, I just am.)

gutenTags!  All I do is fold in half and sew into the pillow.
Easy as pie!
I was so excited about my tags, I started sewing a pillow with a tag.  First, the tag fell out and was not sewn in.  Oops.  Second, half the tag was sewn in.  Oops.  Third, the tag was completely sewn into the pillow cover in a completely unacceptable way.  Oops.  I decided to take a break from my gutenTAGs.

Grr...the tag slid and I sewed it into the corner. 

Doesn't look horrible, yet it doesn't look good.

However, today I decided to give my tags another shot.  Or shall I say I decided to give myself another shot at sewing the tags in correctly.  This time, I pinned the tag LENGTHWISE between the front and back of the pillow.  Therefore, I knew exactly where my seam needed to be AND the little bugger could not slip out.  I sewed my pillow, turned it right-side-out with great anticipation to find out that...I did it the right way.  I am hoping that each time I sew a pillow, the tag is flawlessly sewn in.

Oooohhhh!!!!  Nifty tags
It is my hope, that all my customers are happy customers, and hearing from happy people makes me happy.  Therefore, it would be nice for happy people to know where to find me.  And unhappy customers, well, you now know where to find me so I can make you happy, too.  715 Pillows, making the world happier, one pillow at a time.

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