Sunday, March 11, 2012

Upstairs and Downstairs Was Getting Me Nowheres: I Moved!

In order to sew, one needs a little bit of space.  Now, I am not saying one needs one's own room to sew, just some space to spread out.  I like to sew but if I did ever get my own room again, it would not be for sewing.  I have this dream, a dream of a lovely house in Royal Oak that had everything I could ever want from a house.  I saw this house during an open house about five years ago and I can't get it out of my mind.  This house was a very old Tudor with a most coveted sun room that could be used all year round.  The room was small with tiled floors.  It had french doors and lots of windows.  If I owned that house, that room would be mine.  It would be filled with flowering plants, book shelves, and a comfy love seat.  No one would be allowed in that room but me.  It would be my escape.  It would be my luxury.  It is my dream.  I can't be greedy and want my own reading room and sewing room.  And remember, I live with three other people, in a tiny bungalow, where privacy is at a premium.

Back to my space, not my coveted space...  Back in January I wrote a post on my creative space which was basically a corner in our upstairs bedroom.  I love sewing up here in the fall.  I have two big windows and the breeze would flow through the room, the curtains would blow, and the evening sun would cast a golden hue on the walls.  Well, that problem is that this space was in our bedroom and golden hue or not, I was reminded nightly of work.  Sewing, blogging, marketing - even though this is a pretty fun job, I don't want to think about it all the time.  Plus, sometimes I cut fabric on the floor.  Not so good for my arthritic back, not so good for super straight lines.  To cut, it is best to use the large table in the basement.  When I needed to iron, I would then need to run to the kitchen.  I guess this situation would be good for a blog post, "Slim Down the Sewing Way" but to be honest I was getting annoyed rather than skinny.  One day while sewing upstairs with my mom, she told me I should get a mini-ironing board that I could just keep upstairs.  Then, a few days later I thought, "Duh, move to the basement."

That Sunday afternoon, I put my husband to work and made him move all the heavy stuff from our upstairs bedroom, down to the main floor, and then down to the basement.  Thank you, Kevin.  While he may annoy me every single time I try to read a book, he is a very helpful husband.  I set up my space, organized my stuff, and started to test the space out.  It is a bit chilly downstairs but I am sure I will appreciate the cooler climate in the summer.  Right now, I just crank up the heat a degree or two and bring a down a mug of hot tea.  I like cutting, ironing, and sewing in the same room of the house.  I like that I am more productive.  I cut out eleven pillow covers on Saturday and completed two!  Woo Hoo!  Also, don't worry, our basement is not a dungeon and it is finished so I do have a pleasant spot.  

Here is the before shot - my sewing space in our bedroom.

Corner of the basement - doesn't really look that much different.

Cutting and ironing area.

Overall, not so bad.
There you have it, reorganization and a bit of rejuvenation.  But, don't get too jealous, folks since the other half of the room is a playroom for a five year old and two year old.  I don't really think I need to say anything else at all.  

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