Friday, March 9, 2012

Who Wants Something for Free? You Do!!!!

Whenever I have been practicing a lot and I have finally perfected a project, I get a little high.  Instead of a runner's high, I get a sewing high.  I feel motivated.  I want to keep stitching away.  Is it because of the fibers in the material?  Could it be that smell of a warm iron?  Perhaps the thread is actually silly string and is making me giddy?  Nope, it is just the satisfaction of learning how to do something and being able to do it right!  Sewing does not come naturally for me.  There is a lot of trial and error, and more errors, and more errors, and then success.  So, let me share my success with you, my readers.

To enter the contest, you must do the following:

1.  You need to click on this link to connect to 715 Pillows Facebook Page.  Like this page if you have not already.  You will see a status update announcing the contest and explaining the directions.
2.  Like the status update.
3.  Describe my pillows using the first letter of your last name.
4.  Winner will be chosen at random at 3:00 pm on Saturday.
5.  Winner will receive a pillow cover (no insert) in the mail.

This could be yours....

It is an envelope pillow....

Five more of these lovely covers will be for sale on Etsy by this weekend!
Pretty easy way to win a decorative pillow for you house, office, or for a friend.  Good luck!

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