Monday, March 19, 2012

"Spring Charity Craft Show" Supports I've Got Your Backs Foundation

March 31st is rapidly approaching!  What is going on March 31st, you ask?  Well, that is the day of the Troy Business 4H Group's "Spring Charity Craft Show" at Troy High School.  Troy High School is located at 4777 Northfield Parkway, Troy, Michigan 48098.  Proceeds from this show support local crafters, like myself, but more importantly an organization called I've Got Your Backs Foundation.  I've Got Your Backs Foundation is an organization that before now, I have never even heard of to be completely honest with all of you.  But, upon investigation, it sound like a pretty cool group.  From their website, it sounds like they help kids and their families with pretty much everything from scholarships, clothing, furniture, sports equipment, medical bills, and everything in between.  They even have a Facebook Page should you wish to "like" them.

Follow the link and check them out!
After doing one craft show, I am learning that craft shows are fun for lots of reasons.  Mostly, I really like meeting and chatting with people.  I am kind of chatty.  But, wow!  This craft show is going to help a really great organization.  It is nice to know that this craft show is for the benefit of a charity, for a group whose mission is to "educate, impact, and inspire hope to youth in need."  Kids are pretty cool, so it is nice to know there are good people and good organizations out there who want to help kids out.

Oh, and what I really like, is they have a school program called the "Kindness Challenge".  The goal of the program is to encourage children to think before they act.  Kindness is better than violence or harm.  Children log their acts of kindness and at the end of the program, rewards are handed out to those who have completed the most kind acts.  While earning a prize may be a short term motivator, I am quite sure the lesson learned will inspire these students for a lifetime.  I can still remember many acts of kindness bestowed upon myself and my children from perfect strangers.  What a great lesson!

I am proud to be a part of this craft show.  Not only because as a rookie crafter this is a personal achievement for me, but also because I can simultaneously support a great group!  So, friends, family, and perfect strangers; come on out on March 31st to the "Spring Charity Craft Show" and support the I've Got Your Backs Foundation.  And by the way, Mimi already reminded me that I need to buy some candy to put out at my table.  Support a charity, visit 715 Pillows, and you get a free snack on March 31st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Troy High School!

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