Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My (Un?)Healthy Obsession With Ron Swanson!

I am not very up to date when if comes to television shows.  I tend to discover "cool" stuff after it has been around a couple years.  I have faithfully watched Modern Family from the beginning - that is the only current show I watch.  However, I very recently discovered Parks and Recreation at the urging of my husband.  I dedicate this post to my absent husband, Kevin.  

I am a former government employee.  I have held jobs in Federal, State, and local arms of government.  I have had dealing with politicians, I know a few inside stories, and I have dealt with the public.  When the show, Parks and Recreation, first came out, I just wasn't interested.  About a month ago, Kevin and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix and decided to give Parks and Rec a try.  I am so glad we did.

I love the use of profanity.  Yes, I think swearing is fun.  (No, I am not always a lady.)  I like all of the characters.  Perhaps because I knew them when I was a government employee.  Perhaps because I see myself in some of these characters.  But mostly, I love I am obsessed with this show because of Ron Swanson.  Is it his mustache?  Does he have me in some sort of trance?  Is it is coiffed hair-do?  Is it his love of bacon and dark haired women?  Really, it doesn't matter because I am hooked.     

Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson is a libertarian.  While I agree with very little the man says, I laugh at pretty much everything the man says.  Because writing some of my favorite quotes will do nothing for this blog post, let us watch a couple clips courtesy of You Tube, shall we:

I really, really, really like it when he yells at women and says, "Damn it woman!"  I find it all hilarious.  I find myself sitting on the couch with a smile that just won't go away.  Kevin and I are catching up on Parks and Rec.  We have five more episodes of Season 3 on Netflix.  We will need to start watching it on regular tv.  Kevin is currently travelling for work and I promised I would not watch the last five episodes without him.  I would wait for his return.  I am allowed to watch previous episodes if I need to get my Ron Swanson fix.  You Tube is also working out nicely because I can look for specific quotes.  

But, Ron Swanson is now everywhere!  On the back of the Honey Nut Cheerios box there is an illustrated character:  Looks to me like Ron Swanson.  Royal Oak is having a bacon fest:  my first thought was Ron Swanson.  Last night I was reading Newsweek and saw that Portland, Maine is having a mustache festival.  What do I think?  I bet there will be a few Ron Swanson's there.  Healthy vs. unhealthy obsession?  I am starting to think I am a weirdo because I am really not that into television shows.
Kevin, I just want to let you know, that so far I have not cheated in your absence.  I have not watched Parks and Recreation.  Instead, I finished Season 1 of Downton Abby knowing you would not be as delighted with this show as I am.  I do want to remind you that my birthday is coming up and this is what I want:

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Darling, I am eagerly awaiting your return from Dallas.  I am quite sure Friday night will be a night to remember:  our cozy living room, a bowl of popcorn, and Ron F**king Swanson.  

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