Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Because Everyone Needs a Little Support!

We all need a little support from time to time.  Actually, we all need a little support pretty much all the time.  I know I do.  I don't function well when I am stressed and I am not always a stickler when it comes to details and specifics.  Which is strange because I am pretty good at planning events and those require attention to details.  I am also a fairly good baker which to some degree also requires one to be attentive to details and specifics.  If you haven't noticed by now, my personality is at constant odds with itself.  It can be a very trying way to spend your life - trust me on this one.  This is why I need my husband for balance and support.  I know I make fun of him a lot and I know I drive him crazy but in the end, it is all about balance and support.  Besides, the fact that we are so different results in numerous belly laughs a day.  And at the end of your life, no one care how much money one has made, one cares about how many belly laughs one has had.  At thirty seven, I deem my life a great success!

But, let get back on topic, shall we?  Support, we all need it.  Humans, all living creatures, the environment, and lets face it, even inanimate objects need support.  Ever hear of support beams?  There are so many ways to support someone or something that the list is absolutely endless.  My Pillows for HAVEN project came to my mind just because I saw my own kids hugging their pillows.  Plus, I really like to hug my pillow at night even though it has to be the worst pillow in the entire world.  So, I figured, why not try to make pillows for kids at the HAVEN shelter.  I am never going to meet one of the kids who gets one of my pillows.  I will probably never get a thank you.  But it does not matter, not even a little.  I think of the teachers, co-workers, family, and friends who have been there for me through some pretty dark times.  We should help others for the sake of helping others.  We should help others because at sometime in our lives someone helped us out and did not want a single thing in return.  At Christmas, my church always asks members to sign up to bring in gifts for needy families.  I never seem to get to the sign up sheet in time - again, lack of attention to details.  But, I am going to help twelve kids right now.  And, I did not do this project on my own.  My mom, Kathy Christopher donated money.  My friend, April Mrosewske donated batting.  My husband ran out to get more batting when I ran out.  Mimi stuffed the pillows and handed me pins.  It was a team project and I appreciate each contribution.

Mimi stuffing pillows!
Violet kind of just wanted to play!
I am hoping that periodically, in a perfect world that would be every quarter, to do some kind of charitable project.  Whether it is for HAVEN or a different organization, I would like to donate snuggly pillows!  Just remember, even if you don't realize like it, you are probably supporting someone.  Holding a door, letting someone move ahead of you in line, giving out a big hug, bringing ice cream to friend who is having a really bad day, it all makes a difference to someone.  

Me hugging twelve pillows!  

They look pretty cozy!
Pillows for HAVEN is now pretty much complete.  I just need to find a day to make my delivery, preferably on a day when Mimi can come.  She has asked many questions about this project and has asked why it is important.  I think it is important that she is there when the project is complete.  So, thank you so much for everyone who sent messages of support and to those of you who gave.  It is all appreciated.  Now go out there and show some support.  At the very least, go out there and give someone something to belly laugh about!