Thursday, September 8, 2011

715 Pillows is Going Charitable: Pillows for HAVEN, Oakland County Domestic Violence Shelter

The holiday weekend is over, school has started, my niece or nephew is due soon, and my husband will be traveling an awful lot for work over the next two months.  Ah, goodbye easy going summer, hello hectic days of fall!  While this season, like all others really, will bring challenges it will also bring opportunity.  I believe it is important to seek opportunities that will help ourselves and our family, but I also think it is a good idea to help others.

Lately, I have been making pillows for my kids, my parents, and my little baby friend.  Even though I have not been distributing and making pillows for dozens of people, those who have received a pillow have smiled and seemed happy.  My kids cuddle their pillow every night.  This makes me happy.  But, what about the kids who don't have access to a cuddly pillow?  I think there are quite a few kids out there who need something to cuddle.  So, I decided to make a few phone calls.

First, I called my husband's cousin because she is a volunteer at HAVEN, and has been for a long time.  I asked her if she thought they might be interested in accepting some pillows for the little ones who are staying in the shelter.  She thought it was a great idea.  The families only stay in the shelter for about ten days.  But, think of how traumatic it must be for a little kid to have to leave home, their room, and stay in a shelter.  Plus, this is a domestic abuse shelter, it is not as though this is an easy situation for anyone invovled: mother or child.  But, sometimes, having a little something special can change your day, at least make you smile.  Hey, when someone offers to carry my tray for me at Panera I generally feel like doing cartwheels.  It is the little things in life that really make a difference.  I thought, how nice would it be for a little kid, in a strange place, sleeping in a strange bed to have something new that is all their own.  With my cousin-in-law's support and a contact number at HAVEN, I placed another phone call this afternoon.

The woman I spoke with thought the kids would appreciate a throw pillow for their bed.  She was hesitant only because they don't have a lot of storage space.  But, since I don't work THAT fast, I asked what might be a good starting number.  She told me to start out with a dozen and then they would have enough to go around.  For some reason, I was expecting that I would have to fill out forms or paperwork, because when I worked as a volunteer coordinator, that is what everyone had to do.  Not in this case.  I am going to make twelve pillows and drop them off.  Hopefully, if HAVEN likes them, I will be able to make another twelve pillows and drop them off.

I don't have any pictures to upload of me on the phone since Kevin is back at work.  But, I am going to start sewing tonight with my leftover flannel.  If anyone sees flannel on sale, let me know.  Also, if anyone would like to help out, let me know.  If you have sewing machine, make a pillow or two.  If you can't sew but would like to help, maybe donate fabric or batting.  I just thought it might be time to help someone else!


  1. Thanks, Jill! I just finished two pillows! Ten more to go!

  2. I just made a lil cutie bag...I have a zipper problem that I'm going to try to figure out tonight! You are inspiring me to finally sew - starting with practical things - not clothes as seen in Copenhagen :)

  3. I have some fabric that I want to make into a bag. next time we get together you will have to give me some pointers.