Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving Up in the Bicycle World

I love to ride my bike.  I think as far as physical activity goes, it has been my one constant.  For years I was a runner and a kick boxer.  I have been an off and on roller skater, ice skater, and a whiz on roller blades.  I have tried yoga, aerobics, hustle aerobics, fencing, and Jazzercise.  In college I took badminton and my team was known at the "Fearsome Foursome."  Kevin and I non-dated through a season of tennis and badminton.  But, biking...well you just can't get much better than the feeling of cruising around on two wheels.

My first bike was of course a little red trike.  I think most of us started out on a red trike in the 70's.  Was another color even manufactured?  But, I finally got some freedom when my parents bought me a groovy Schwinn with a banana seat and streamers.  What a way to ride!!!  While I do have some pictures, unfortunately I do not have a scanner.  But, this is what that first taste of freedom looked like.
Great memories of that old bike!
After I outgrew that white bike, I used my mom's yellow three speed and my dad's 10 speed.  For my 12th birthday, I got a brand new blue, Huffy 10-speed.  Loved it.  When I turned 16 years old, I got a Huffy mountain bike.  Who needs a car when you can have a bike?!?!  That bike was my trusty friend all through college until some schmuck stole it, probably for the new tires.  So, I upgraded to a Schwinn which is still owned by my brother.  So where am I now in the bike world?  Why am I writing this?  Next paragraph please.

Ten years ago I scrimped and saved for a new bike.  I wanted a lighter weight mountain bike.  Then I found my Trek 4500.  The bike served me well.  Because I was young and single, I would bike a several days a week at Kensington Metro Beach.  My bike even served me well on a few bike tours.  Then I started grad school, then I got pregnant, then the bike acquired a baby seat.  I have loved my bike.

Trek 4500 - 2002 excellent condition.
But now I must sell my old bike.  Why you ask?  Because at 38 years old I now have an old body.  Arthritis and degenerative disk disease make riding my current bike for a long periods of time uncomfortable.  Due to limited storage space, I cannot get a new bike until I get rid of my old bike.  Yes, my husband sets out a lot of rules regarding the way we live.  So, if you are in the market for a used bike, please click out this link.  Because I have my eye on a cruiser.  A bike that rides with comfort in mind - my feet will be flat on the ground when I stop and the seat is actually more suited to the size my my rear end.  

Yes, like most of my posts, this one is longer than it needs to be.  Basically, I am selling my bike.  If you need a bike and live in Michigan, let me know.  I love my bike and it needs a good home.  Once my Trek has found a new home, I have only one decision left to make: Purple or Tangerine??????

Purple Townie - my children like this one.

Tangerine Townie - this just looks like a happy bike.

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