Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Working Vacation Was Foiled by Fun!

Good Intentions

Friday night - June 29:  Hubby and I hang out in the basement cutting fabric and packing up sewing supplies.  

Saturday night - June 30:  After spending a wonderful night watching the fireworks in Lake Orion with friends, Hubby and I are busy with last minute packing.  Sewing machine along with box of material and notions make its way into the living room.

Sunday morning - July 1:  Two adults, two kids, vacation gear, and sewing gear was loaded into a very tiny Scion xd.  This was the first vacation with my beloved red car that we felt the car might be to small for our needs.  When the girls were not fighting, they were sleeping.  You see, they also saw the fireworks the night before.  Yes, there was a lot of crankiness.  However, because they spent so much time snoozing, Kevin and I were able to talk about pillows.  I am definitely not going to invest in paying a marketing company right now.   While I am having fun, this needs to really develop into something that is more than a hobby.  Kevin and I discussed how I would most likely have time to sew AND blog on this trip.  I even had an awesome idea of taking pictures of my pillows with the lake as a backdrop.  Oh, I was also going to write descriptions for my Etsy listings.  A real working vacation, like a real working person.    


The reality of a vacation is rarely the ideal vacation.  That being said, the week was not a disaster but maybe not completely as planned.  Like I said, we started the vacation with two kids suffering from a sleep deficit and uncontrollable excitement.  Which means there was crankiness on and off all week.  On our way to Brevort, Michigan we stopped at a rest stop to eat our picnic lunch.  As we stepped out of the car, Mimi lost her second tooth.  Good thing she always packs her tooth fairy pillow made by 715 Pillows.  Now, a visit from the tooth fairy pillow is an exciting way to start a vacation.  We spent the week at the beach, Mackinaw Island, Mackinaw City, flying kites, playing at a splash pad.  Kevin and I even went on a date to a water park...without kids.  Monday afternoon, my kiddies took a much needed nap, I sewed two pillows.  Two whole pillows.  I thought I was off to a great start.  Then my brother, sister-in-law, and my baby niece arrived on Tuesday.  Yeah, my working vacation was over.  I was officially on vacation.  

What a Vacation Looks Like

Me riding a pink cruiser on Mackinaw Island.
Kevin got lapped by a child.  Since I was riding along with him I guess I was lapped,  too.
The girls playing on the beach and pirate hunting.
I did find some locally created throw pillows for sale on Mackinaw Island.
It is always good to size up your competition.  
The family!  
 The Aftermath

Now I am home, laundry is washed (not folded), house is clean, and the pantry is stocked.  I am not caught up on my sewing projects or upcoming blogs.  But, since my current situation can be loosely described as self-employed, I guess it is okay.  Besides, if this was in your backyard everyday would you want to work?  I think not!  
View from my parent's condo!

My parent's beach! 
Brevort!  !  


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