Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15 = 715 Pillows Day

One year ago today, I got an unexpected e-mail.  An e-mail that would inform me that I was getting laid off since the law firm I worked for was closing.  Well, that was a bummer!  I was working part-time.  Splitting my hours between the office and working from home.  It was a great gig.  I was upset, angry, and depressed.  I liked getting out of the house.  I liked the extra money.  While I was a little upset, my family was excited that I would be not have to work on the weekends, something I had been doing since Mimi was six months old.  With the news of the layoff, I had to decide what to do next.  Working on the weekends was become more and more inconvenient.  Kevin was travelling more so working at night was becoming inconvenient.  Working part-time during the day had draw backs because both kids still needed some form of daycare.  (Mimi was in school for half a day.)  It is not that I am opposed to daycare but it would suck up too much of my income to make it worth the effort.  Plus, MOST of the time, I enjoy being home with my kids.  But, I still needed something for myself.  But, it would be another month before Kevin and I dreamed up this darn pillow thing.

So, in celebration of one wonderful year out of work, I want to celebrate with all of you.  There will be a coupon code posted on 715 Pillows Facebook Page - click here, (You might as well like this page because I have some fun contests planned for next month.)  This code will be expire on July 20, 2012.  You can use this coupon to receive 15% a pillow order.  Admittedly, stock is getting low, but I will be sewing a good chunk of the day so that I can update my shop.  So, if you are in need of a throw pillow, please consider me.  If you are in need of slice of cake and scoop of ice cream today, please consider taking a bite in honor of 715 Pillows.  Hey, I will take any excuse I can get to eat cake!

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