Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Murphy's Law Strikes Again!

Murphy's Law:  If anything can go wrong, it will.

Yep, Murphy's Law applies to my life.  Things go wrong ALL THE TIME!  In the end, everything has always worked out, but, things do go wrong.  I have soooo many examples I could write an entire blog called 715 Examples of Murphy's Law.  But, I am not going to write that blog.

Two weeks ago, a new refrigerator was delivered to our house.  Our old one was closing in on twenty years old.  We thought, let's get rid of the old eyesore before it breaks.  We love our new fridge.  Then, I the DVD player broke - the next day.  Cheap easy fix.  Then, I decided to get a new bike.  I developed a financial plan for my new bike.  Last night, our old oven broke.  The new range will be delivered on next week.  It looks like this:

Jealous much?  Yep, plain white and very basic. 
Guess what the unexpected addition of the new oven means?  Guess, just guess!!!!  Well remember this post from Sunday?  Well, I am not going to get my bike.  I am too frugal.  I have deleted my listing on Craigslist.  The bike will have to wait until spring.  Until then, the Townie bike will have to remain in my head as a distant dream.  Damn you, Murphy!

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