Monday, November 7, 2011

Pillow Count

I don't think I will ever have to worry about keeping track of a body count.  But if I did, the count would be one.  When I was thirteen, I was a teen volunteer and a nurse needed my help tending to a recently deceased patient.  Beginning thirteen I said, "Sure, I would love to wrap up a dead body!"  Well those exciting days are  long over and I now have a pillow count.  Lots and lots of pillows.  A few people have asked me how many pillows I have sewn.  While I haven't reached 715, I have sewed quite a few.  So, shall we review together?
  1. The first pillows I ever made were for my beloved little girls.  They were made from Pooh Bear/striped material.  (2)
  2. I made a floral pillow for my mom, my sewing guru.  (1)
  3. A somewhat floral/geometric patterned pillow for my office.  (1)
  4. I bought some lovely decorator fabric that is red with a floral design.  I made two pillows for my bed and kept the leftovers in case I someday hone the skills to make a purse.  (2)
  5. Soft blue butterfly pillows for my small friend, Bethany.  Every big girl bed needs a big girl pillow or two.  (2)
  6. Mom needed some pillows for her UP get-a-way and I needed some practice.  (4)
  7. 715 Pillows went charitable and made pillows for the domestic violence shelter, HAVEN.  (12)
  8. For my mom's birthday, I actually found Dick and Jane fabric and crafted the fabric into fabulous pillows.  If I can find Dick and Jane fabric, I can find anything!  (2)
  9. Elephant pillows to melt any little girls heart. (3)
  10. There is nothing like a trip to the zoo.  Why not have a pillow to match the memory? (3)
  11. Some pillows look like pillows, others look like candy canes.  (3)
  12. I love snowflakes, especially in red and white.  (4)
  13. Even though a mother should never have favorite, the patchwork style fabric that I bought made what I believe are the best looking pillows.  (4)
  14. Brown and ivory floral pillows - divine.  (4)
  15. Hoo can forget about the owls.  (3)
  16. Great things come in small packages, like butterflies.  (2)
  17. Cock-a-doodle-do.  (2)
  18. Sophisticated black and white floral.  (4)
Yep, that is a lot of pillow!  54 to be exact.  Many have a been given away.  One has been sold.  The rest are decorating my home or are up for sale.  Pillows, pillows everywhere....

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