Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Perfect Pillows: Yes, They Are For Sale!

When I set out to make pillows, I certainly was not expecting to actually become good at making pillows.  Do you remember this post?  When I made my first pillow I was thrilled.  My seams were not perfect.  I did not put enough stuffing inside but, I did sew a pillow.  I tried something new and accomplished something I had never done before.  Not bad at all!  But, yesterday, as I referenced in "The Trouble With Chickens", I sewed the perfect set of pillows.
The Perfect Pillows!

Seams that align!
For some reason, the stars aligned or maybe I am just starting to get really good, but I made the perfect pillows. So what makes them so perfect?  Let me tell you!
  1. The fabric is really beautiful and has a floral pattern.  But, it is a difficult pattern since it is a floral design broken up into three distinct patterns.  A large flower which runs down the middle and two smaller patterns running down each side.   I had to place my pattern over the largest flower and center it so it would be the focal point.  This actually took a lot of time.  But I did it.  And, because of the way I positioned the fabric, I am thinking I will be able to make companion pillows with a slightly different pattern but from the same fabric.  
  2. I cut out two panels for each pillow and pinned them together.  As I started pinning, I realized something.  In my head I was thinking, "Holy Smokes!!!  I can actually line up the pattern on the seams."  Anyone who sews knows this is a really big deal.  For one thing, it is really hard to do.  Also, with many fabrics, it is nearly impossible.  When you shop for pillows in a store, most of the time, the pattern does not line up at the seam.  
  3. I started sewing the pillows, cut the corners, and pulled the pillows right side out.  There it was right in front of me:  Pillow with seams that lined up.  I was pretty much doing cartwheels, figuratively of course.  I was never good at cartwheels and I now have a bad back.  
Yes, I am excited.  I love all the pillows I made.  I am proud to sell them and I would be proud to show them off in my own home.  But, these pillows are special!  I love the fabric.  I love the pattern.  I love the way they turned out.  Now, I would love it if someone bought them.  They need a loving home.  They need to be appreciated and shown off.  If you are interested, they are on Etsy.  Just click on this link:  The Perfect Pillows! 


  1. Love your pillows! :) Unfortunately, in my house, pillows are a lost family has no appreciation for the wonderful accents they are... but I will happily promote your beauty!! :)

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the offer to promote my pillows. I appreciate it! Also, I totally understand. Throw pillows in my house are fought over, thrown on the floor, and used for imaginary play. We just recently took the plunge and put a few in our living room!