Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Departure From Floral: Mid Century Modern Inspired Pillows

When Kevin and I bought our house, we were really into bungalows.  We wanted an all brick house and lots of windows.  In April of 2005, Kevin turned 26 years old.  For his birthday, he wanted to drive around and look at open houses. (Yes, we are the annoying people who snoop around your home with no intentions of buying.  We are just researching our next home, when and if the economy ever recovers.)  We were getting married in a couple months and planning on buying a house in the future.  Well...we drove up to a brick bungalow with a white bay in the front and fell in love with a house.  Yes, our house was an impulse purchase and we moved in a month later, Memorial Day Weekend.  We still love our house, but there are of course a few other houses on our wishlist.

First, there is a tudor in Royal Oak that I am still coveting about 2 1/5 years after first seeing it.  Someone flipped the home so I don't feel guilty for going to the open house.  Every single time I drive past that house I imagine living in that home.  Second, we also thought a dutch colonial would be a nice option.  Third, a craftsman style bungalow is strong contender.  We live in a bungalow, but it is s post World War II bungalow built in 1948.  Most recently, Kevin and I have started to really show interest in mid century modern homes and decor.  Everything about mid century modern just seems so functional and clean to me.  Plus, it is just such a huge departure from the bungalow architecture I am now so used to.  Anyway, I like to sit back and imagine myself sitting in an atomic ranch full of windows, reading a book while lounging on an Eames chair.  Okay, lets be realistic here, it will most likely be an Eames replica.  While reading, I would gaze up to the wall to check the time on a sunburst style clock!  Yes, I love the sunburst.  So, when I was fabric shopping this weekend and found a pattern that reminded me of a sunburst and mid century modern, I bought three yards.

Me and my fabric
Close up

A mid century modern inspired pillow!
The fabric is a dark gray decorator fabric with a white pattern that reminds me of a sunburst.  It also looks like a dandelion that has morphed from a pretty yellow flower to fabulous fluff!  There were so many option and ways to cut out these pillows.  I honestly sat with the fabric folded and unfolded trying to find the best pattern for about an hour.  It was so much fun.  I decided to make four 16 x 16 pillows and four 11 x 17 pillows.  I just finished the 11 x 17 pillows so they are not posted to Etsy yet, but the 16 x 16 pillow is available for your shopping pleasure.  I am quite pleased!  I love the colors and I love the design.  I hope you all like them, too!  They are a departure from the floral designs I usually create but it is good to try new things.  Enjoy!

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