Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Noticed on Etsy!

For anyone who is reading this blog for tips on how to get noticed on Etsy, I am not really a pro as of yet.  I am learning how to navigate the site and what exactly it means to be part of a circle or treasury.  Since I started posting to Etsy, I am realizing that it is part online store and part social networking.  Maybe I am wrong about this but that is the impression I am getting.  Crafters and bloggers seem to really work together to network and promote each other.  It is really kind of cool.  Instead of hoarding secrets to success, people share!  For example, I follow a blog called Maybe Matilda.  She is a sews, crochets, is generally pretty darn crafty.  She also sells on Etsy.  She posts lots of great tips on how to sell on Etsy and how she ships her orders.  While I may not use all the tips I see online, it is nice to see people sharing!  Right now, I don't have any tips, but someday...yes, someday I will be sharing secrets to success.  It just may be awhile!

I also have received quite a bit of support from my cousin, Pam who writes a great blog of parenting and life, her blog is It's Time for More Coffee.  She doesn't sell anything, but she does have contests and has given me some advice.  Thanks, Pam.  And then, there is someone I don't even know who has a blog called Ernestine Edna and her Really Big Ideas.  She follows me and I also read her blog.  She also sells on Etsy and has some really cool knitted items.  Until I started my little project, I really did not realize how interesting blogging actually is.  There are some fantastic writers and really clever people hanging out on the internet.

But back to getting noticed on Etsy.  Since I started posting pillows, every so often, someone has made one of my pillows a favorite, or my shop a favorite, or become an admirer.  This always makes my day!!!  Thank you to those folks.  I never realized you could do this and it is a really great tool.  I have one favorite right now -- a pair of metal roller skates with red leather straps.  I had a pair when I was a kid and just really like to look at the picture.  But, I think this is a great tool.  See something you like, mark it as a favorite and come back to it when it is time to shop for a gift or for yourself.  But this weekend, I discovered something really cool.  It is called a treasury.  People create a treasury of items of similar interest that they like.  This weekend, I got a message that I had been added to an Etsy Treasury called "It's all in the Stripes."  I was so excited!  I don't know this person at all!  I did message her back with a big thank to the kind stranger for including my Christmas pillow in her treasury!

In the corner is my striped Christmas pillow!  Yippee!
It is definitely fun to get noticed.  It makes you feel like some of your hard work is starting to pay off a little bit.  It is also important when people start noticing you, to pay it forward and recognize someone else.  And, it is also a good idea to say thank you!  So, to the all those people out there; bloggers, crafty people, family, friends, and strangers who have encouraged me even a little, I say thank you!


  1. Awww...thanks for the mention! :) I'm a friend of Pam's from an online mom's group...our Owen and my son Collin are the same age :)