Saturday, February 18, 2012

Research and Development: Halted Due to a Plague!

Back in January, I had a posted a post that boasted my plans for research and development.  I posted this on January 22nd.  I believe somewhere around January 23rd my children started to cough, their noses started to run, and I was preparing to meet my husband in Las Vegas for a weekend getaway.  Well, as luck would have it, the week that Kevin was gone and I was planning sewing in the wee hours of the morning, my children felt too icky to sleep.  Who can blame them?  A persistent cough will keep any human awake.  Needless to say, I did not sew that week.  Sewing with interruptions at fifteen minute intervals and sleep deprivation is not worth doing.  I once tried to sew after drinking one glass of wine - just one glass - and failed miserably.  We may have been fairly healthy from September to the beginning of January but don't worry, we have paid for it the past couple weeks.

All of this fabulous fabric is in my house uncut and unused.  So sad! 
However, the week after mid-winter break is a new week.  

We are used to various plagues in our house.  Head colds, ear infections, stomach bugs, pink eye, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, Fifth's Disease, well you get the idea.  We get sick a lot!  We rack up huge medical bills with co-pays and prescriptions.  We usually exhaust our Flexible Medical Spending account by April.  Jealous?  Didn't think so.  Anyway, the day before I flew to Vegas, I took the girls in to get their cough checked out.  When I came home, I had to take Violet to the doctor for an ear infection.  Probably isn't much of a surprise, Kevin and I have been suffering from cold for about two weeks now.  We think the cold is going away and BAM, it comes back!  Yeah, yeah, woe is me!

I guess the good think about being self employed is that when the plague does attack our home without plans to vacate, I have the option to lay low a bit.  However, by taking this option I also opt out of not getting paid.  Luckily, I  have sold about seven pillows since the beginning on the year.  But, I was kind of hoping to have done more research on craft shows, learn how to make pillowcase dresses, make my bag, and have completed lots and lots of pillow covers.

Here is what I have done:  I have bought a rotary cutter and mat, I have experimented with cutting on the mat, and continuing my quest to learn how to make pillow covers.  My pillow covers are improving.  I need to order a 16 x 16 insert, I think the envelope closures need to be centered in the back, and a button might be a nice touch.  Still a ways away from selling covers but getting closer.

Trying to get a clean line on the edge of the fabric.
Front of the pillow cover made with the rotary cutter and mat.
Back of the pillow made with the rotary cutter and mat.
To sum up:  I am still hanging around and sewing a little bit.  If you were expecting a spring fashion show of pillowcase dresses, I am fearful of meeting an Easter deadline - could happen, but give me about two weeks to know for sure.  Also, I am not giving up on 715 Pillows - head colds can't last forever!

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