Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Begins with P? Pillow Covers, Pillowcase Dresses, and Purses Of Course!

Last night, I once again decided that it was a good idea for the ENTIRE family to take a trip to Joann Fabric.  My kids really love looking at fabric, patterns, thread, and generally being a part of the pillow process.  However, they also really love acting like the two and five year old kids that they are.  Meaning...Violet wants a snack the second she enters the store (request denied), Mimi wants to pick out lots and lots of sparkly fabric (request denied), both girls want me to make them ABBA outfits (request put on hold), both girls must visit the bathroom at least five time each regardless of need to actually "go" (request always granted because you just never know.)  Anyway, I had lots of coupons, we stocked up, and Kevin had a blast from the past from a mystery person who clearly new him (Kevin looked clearly confused regarding her identity and she did not seem to notice.)  It was a very annoying, productive, and entertaining trip to the fabric store!

Because I believe home decorator fabrics are some of the best fabrics to make pillows, I made a b-line for the back to of the store.  This time around, I am going to experiment with pillow covers.  Envelope pillows to be exact.  These don't require buttons or zippers.  Yeah!  They can still be washed in the sewing machine.  Yeah!  And the material is pretty darn stylish and funky.  Yeah!  Here's a sneak peak:

Flowers, birds, and zebra stripes.  Something for everyone!
This time around, I think all of these fabrics are really different from each other.  They are also a little different from what I normally pick.  I think the patterns are bolder and the colors are deeper.  I am really excited to get started working on these pillows.

Then, because I have received some requests from some moms, I am going to practice making pillowcase dresses for my own little girls.  Both girls picked out their own fabric.  Violet immediately picked out pink butterflies.  Mimi had a system of pulling out bolts of fabric, arranging them on empty shelves, and pondering over which one would make the best dress.  She ultimately chose a mermaid print.  Both are going to be pretty darn cute.  I also got deep pink ribbon for the the ties.

Mimi and Vi want me to get started on these ASAP!

While perusing patterns, I also decided I might try to make myself a purse.  I know, this has nothing to do with the whole pillow theme but it is good to try new things.  So, I purchased what looks like a pretty easy pattern and began my search for material.  Well, either this purse is going to actually turn out looking kind of retro and funky or will just look like I should be walking around advertising fiber supplements.  Get it...pears...full of fiber.  Bad joke?  Sorry!

The pears will be on the outside, the blue inside.  Fun?  We shall see...

With all the new fabric and patterns in my home, there will be no excuse for me writing a post titled, Boredom.  So that is it for now.  Really, I should get sewing but it is now getting close to my bedtime and I have a new book, Hemingway's Boat.  Sewing will have to wait for tomorrow.

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