Friday, January 20, 2012

I Got a Website!!!

It's all over Facebook!  It has gone viral!  That's right, I have a website.  Okay, maybe 715 Pillows has not gone viral, but, people are finding my new website.  Which means, more stats to monitor!!!!  So here it is  Pretty easy to remember.  Even I can remember it and you have no idea how long it took me to remember our new phone number and address when we moved!  So, go on, check it out!
This is the homepage!

Close up photo of my work!
Now, I cannot take any credit for this website.  None!  I am sure this is really shocking.  It is all the doing of my husband, Kevin.  We have been talking about creating a website for a while.  We thought it would be nice to have a central place where people who are interested in 715 Pillows can go to access the Etsy shop, craft show dates, the blog, Facebook, and contact me.  On Tuesday, Kevin sent me an e-mail and wrote, "I wonder if this is sumpin you should try for your pillows?"  That night, we put the kiddies to bed, I cut fabric, and Kevin got to work on the site.  Last night, the website was live.  The dude is fast, efficient, and he is reasonably priced.

The 715 Pillows team!
Kevin, as I have said before, is a pusher.  In this case it is a good thing.  He makes me work when I don't feel like working, he tells me the truth, and he is just really good at supporting me.  The fact is, I did make a little bit of money from the time I opened the store at the end of October through the end of the year.  No, I am not a one percenter.  Actually, the IRS would not even be interested in me.   However, for the two months I was open, I sold about thirty pillows.  So, that means with the launch of the website, I need to make things official.  Which means, doing all the horrible paperwork to make this an official company instead of treating this like an experiment.  This is my new real job.  So long working 9 to 5, hello 715 Pillows.
So, now I have Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, my blog, and a website.  You all have no excuse not to find me.  I am everywhere.  And if you buy a stylish pillow, I can be in your home, too!      

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