Friday, December 9, 2011

Goal Setting for the Candy Cane Lane Craft Show!

It is always good to have a great expectations and goals.  It is just as important to be realistic.  Since tomorrow is the big day, I thought it might be a good idea to figure out what exactly I wish to achieve.  In case you have forgotten, I am referring to the Candy Cane Lane Craft Show in Berkley, MI.  Here is the flyer in case you need a refresher.

As this is my first craft show I have spent a lot of time preparing.  I did not invest a ton of money into my booth in case I don't enjoy myself, people are mean to me and hate my pillows.    But seriously, I don't want to waste money.  Remember, I was laid off!  I will be bringing 84 pillows to the craft show.  They range from 16 x 16, 12 x 17, and tooth fairy pillows.  I have patterns that will appeal to women, men, and children!  Oh, and I have candy!!!!  That's right, folks, three bags of Hershey's Kisses.  Who doesn't like a kiss with their pillow.  And the kisses, well chocolate kisses, are free.

Okay, time for my goals.
  1. Sell pillows!  Like I said, I will be bringing 84 pillows.  While it would be nice to say I won't be bringing any of them home, I think selling maybe 30 pillows would be realistic.  
  2. Increase traffic to my Facebook Page.  Right now I am at 43 likes on Facebook.  I think it would be exciting to get that number up to 60.  Come on people...I know you like me.  I do have another contest in the works.  So, you have to like me.  Plus, I am not going to make you write a poem or a song this time.  
  3. Increase traffic/followers to my blog.  The past few days, lots and lots of people have been reading which is wonderful!  I would love to see that grow some more.  But, readership is only going to be as good as my posts.  So, I will keep writing and trying to make it interesting as long as you keep reading.  Deal?
  4. Have fun, lots and lots of fun.  Fortunately, I am pretty good at having a good time.  
So, if you are in the Berkley area, stop by.  Even if you are not super close, Berkley is a centrally located city, just minutes from 696.  Berkley is sandwiched between Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Birmingham so make a day out it and see the sights along Woodward Ave.  You'll be happy you did ~ plus, if you say "hi" to me I will give you a kiss.  Okay, a chocolate kiss.   

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