Thursday, June 7, 2012

Josie Geller Makes Pillows: My Connection With Drew Barrymore!

They just do't make 'em like they used to.
Movies are kind of like comfort food.  There are some movies out there that just make you feel good - kind of like homemade mac n' cheese.  There are movies that one can relate to, bring back memories, make you cry, make you laugh, or just entertain.  When Kevin is out of town, I like to watch documentaries and period movies, like Merchant Ivory films.  Also, when Kevin is away, I like to watch tearjerkers.  Wow!  Nothing brings on the tears for me like The Way We Were and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Have you ever watched the movie, My Dog Skip?  I can't even write about it because I will cry.  Actually, I am not allowed to watch that movie.  Watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles around Thanksgiving is a must.  Thirteen Going on Thirty came out the year I turned thirty.  The scene where Meg Ryan flies to Paris in the movie French Kiss reminds of my first panic filled flight to Paris. I kind of wish interesting Frenchman had been sitting next to me.  Anyway, not all these movies are great movies, but they do make me happy and that is all that matters.  This weekend, Kevin and I were revisiting a movie that makes us giggle and we discovered something that we hadn't given much attention to in the past.

It is not a great movie.  I don't even remember it being out at the movie theater.  But, whenever Kevin and I can't really decide on a movie, we proudly settle for Never Been Kissed.  It is a silly movie about a intelligent, yet frumpy copy editor who get's her big break as an undercover reporter.  The catch is that she must go back to high school, which was a humiliating time in her life.  Throughout the movie, usually when Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) is making a strange face or embarrassing herself, Kevin will usually say something like, "Who does that remind you of?"  The last time we watched this movie, we noticed that Josie Geller makes pillows.  Whoa!!!!  I have something in common with Drew Barrymore, besides the fact that we are both incredibly beautiful women!!!!  (I am kidding!!!)  Okay, I am not a moron.  I know it is just a movie.  I know Drew Barrymore is playing a character.  But, that character sews pillows, is really good at embarrassing herself, is kind of a klutz, and is a damn good writer.  Hmmmm....Does this sound a little bit like your's truly? Maybe a little because I am by no means a grammarian.  Expect, I have never been physically gross - I have always washed my hair.  Okay, summer camp and camping are two exceptions for any bouts of poor hygiene that I may have exhibited.
The satisfaction of a job well done!
So, if I were playing Six Degrees of Separation would it count if I said, "Hey Drew Barrymore played Josie Geller, who sews pillows, and I sew pillows so there you go."  Um, maybe not.  Now if Drew Barrymore was looking for some custom made pillows for her gestating baby, I might be able to help her out.  Drew, or anyone else really, let me know if you need a pillow.  I am open for business!

Me, my pillows, my name is sort of in lights at the top of the tank.
Instead of putting all my pillows on my bed, I put them in fish tank!



  1. I love that movie too! I saw it in the movie theater. I need to see if it is available for streaming on Netflix! :)

  2. You can stream it on Netflix! Instant gratification. : )