Friday, May 4, 2012

Craft Show Swan Song

Tomorrow is a big day for me:  Craft show number three!!!!  It will be held at Chippewa Valley High School from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow.  The high school is located on 19 Mile Road in Clinton Township, east of Garfield.  My first show was Candy Cane Lane Craft Show in Berkley.  I considered it a success.  My second craft show, in Troy was an abysmal disappointment.  Basically, I have come to this conclusion about craft shows:
  1. I am picking the wrong craft shows.
  2. Craft shows may not be a good fit for my perceived demographic.
  3. Craft shows are a lot of work.
  4. Tomorrow may very well be my last craft show.
I signed up for tomorrow's craft show a couple months ago.  I don't want to back out - I never really know what might happen.  Plus, I have some hopes for success but I am not setting any goals.  What is the point?  Without goals I can't disappoint myself.  But, why do I have hopes for this show?  What makes this one different?  Who knows really. But, this is what is currently going through my mind:
1992 - My senior picture!
  1. I am a CVHS grad.  It is not like I have never been humiliated on the grounds of Chippewa Valley High School.  Tomorrow can't be any worse than any other day I spent in school.
  2. I am a CVHS grad.  I might see people I know.  This is terrifying and exciting because I have not stepped foot in my old high school since my brother graduated in 1996.
  3. The craft show is organized by the Band Boosters.  The Band Boosters organize two craft shows a year.  According to all information I can find on this show, it has been growing and they are expecting a large turnout. 
  4. The Band Boosters know how to bring people in are good at fundraising.  The band needs uniforms and they take trips, go to festivals, etc.  Maybe people will come tomorrow.
  5. If this does go well.  IF this does go well, I will sign up for their fall craft show.  
  6. If tomorrow does not go well, no more craft shows.  I will stick with Etsy as I just recently sold six pillows.  
  7. I need to pick up something to pack for lunch.  Pickings are slim in my pantry right now.  
  8. I need to pack up some pillows.  
Anyway, I have not put an ounce of pressure on myself.  I am going to have fun.  Maybe I will sell enough pillows to cover the cost of the exterminator who came to my house to free us of a honey bee colony this week.  I will be happy if I sell enough pillows and I can personally take my family out to dinner after the show.  If you are looking for something to do tomorrow or if you are in need of a throw pillow, come on out to Chippewa Valley High School tomorrow.  I actually lied, I do have one goal for tomorrow:  Not to fall down as an adult at Chippewa Valley High School!

Twenty years!  

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