Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing Pillows: Where is this going?

I did not sew much at all this weekend, therefore, I did not blog much this weekend.  I guess when the title of one's blog is Seven Hundred and Fifteen Pillows, one must create a pillow to actually write a story.  Which somewhat concerns me about the future of my blog. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off blogging about the following:

1.  Seven Hundred and Fifteen Ways to Annoy Someone
2.  Seven Hundred and Fifteen Ways to Eat an Oreo
3.  Seven Hundred and Fifteen Places I Would like to See
4.  Seven Hundred and Fifteen Places Where I Have Fallen Down
5.  Seven Hundred and Fifteen of My Most Embarrassing Moments

However, during our anniversary dinner, my husband was downright giddy at the possibility of me someday selling pillows on Etsy.  We even developed a marketing/business plan over bbq.  It was fun!  According to Kevin, there is a future in homemade pillows!  Someone has faith in me!!!  Which leads me back to learning how to sew.

Sunday night, I got out my new fabric and my pillow pattern and started to cut and pin away.  Instead of sewing pillows that would make my kiddies happy, I decided made something to make myself happy.  For years, I tried to knit and to be honest, I failed miserably.  If I tried to make a pattern, I could never remember where I was in the pattern.  I was always losing stitches, and my "scarves" just looked like pieces of shapeless cloth.  I never wore one of my scarves and would not dream of giving one to anyone else.  Never.  Ever. Never.  But, last night, I made a pillow that I am proudly displaying in our art room/office.  Instead of doing a top stitch to create a border, I hand sewed the opening shut.  Sewing by hand has never been something that I enjoy, but I made a neat line and it looks pretty good.  I even tried my best to line up the pattern on the material.  And, for my first try at matching a pattern, I did okay.

Pinning the pattern

While I do not look like I am enjoying myself, I am!

The boring brown chair, is not so boring anymore!

Up close and personal with pillow #3

Now, if I can make a pillow for myself, I figured I can make one to give.  My daughter Mimi, loves to make things and create pictures.  She has a very free form style but it is so fascinated by the details and process of how things work.  So, this afternoon, while her little sister was snoozing, Mimi and I had some alone time.  First, we snuggled up in bed and read the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland.  After we were finished, I thought it would be a good idea to take a little rest, meaning I needed to shut my eyes for a few minutes.  Mimi did not agree, she wanted to sew so she kept playing with my facial features.  Mimi's job is to hand me the pins and ask lots of questions, which she does quite well.  Mimi also got a little ticked off when her sister decided to wake up from her nap.  She actually thought we could just somehow stop Violet from getting up so we could continue to sew.  Anyone who has spent anytime with a two year old knows that 1. She will not sit in her room while her mom and sister sews. 2.  There is no way anyone can sew with a curious two year old in the room, it is just not going to happen.  Sewing waited until the girls went to bed and I finished pillow number four.  I think I am going to give the pillow to my mom.  I think it will be nice to actually give her something that I made.  Plus, I don't think she will put it on a chair or couch just because it is from me, I think she will actually like it!

Mom's pillow - hope she likes it!
Moving right along, I have some fabric left over from all my pillow but not enough to make more pillows.  I am going to briefly try my hand at sewing something else this week.  I might try the recipe card holder, but am up for suggestions from my readers.  Remember, it has to be simple.  


  1. Oooh, I got ideas....

    A couple of ideas for you:

    Zippers are not as hard as you think. Really!

    or maybe

    super easy, I've made them as small as 16" x 16"

    or for the girls:

    I've made 3 so far.

    or if you tell me how much fabric you have left, I can come up with another idea.

    I LOVE your pillows.

    Now I want to make some....


  2. LOVE that fabric!! I'm going to make a lil cute pouch! Every time I have left over fabric (from all the projects I never finish) I think...hmmm...I should make a quilt. Never mind that I couldn't finish the skirt, shirt, whatever. I'm following your lead - baby steps.

  3. Varina,
    I will measure my fabric tonight, and let you know tomorrow how much I have. My mom also brought over some curtains, she sewed and is no longer using so that I can have some practice fabric. Thanks for all the links. I will check them all out.

  4. Remember the movie, "What About Bob?" He was always taking baby steps. Baby steps to the thread, baby steps to the sewing machine, baby steps to turn it on... I remember when we were in Copenhagen, you were going to come home and start making clothes and dress like the Danish. Do it and teach me!!!!!

  5. Today I was given a beautiful pillow for my family room--I love it. I must admit I was very skeptical when Jenny told me of Kevin's idea for her to sew pillows. I remembered back to Jenny's early teen years and trying to teach her to sew--it was not successful, Jenny was not interested in sewing. That has now changed and it is amazing to see the transformation. My mother started teaching me to sew when I was ten and I am happy to watch Jenny discover the joy of sewing. My only question is--why did this idea of Jenny sewing pillows pop into Kevin's head??

  6. Thanks, Mom! I am glad you like the pillow. Kevin was telling me that he just figured I would be able to cut a square and sew it and it would be simple enough for me to do. Who knew I would like sewing so much!

  7. Varina,
    Here is how much fabric I have:
    18 x 26
    40 x 26
    40 x 26
    45 x 17
    45 x 17
    These a leftover from the projects I have posted. I am love the links you sent. Before our next road trip, I wan to to make the crayon/paper holder. Those are so cute. I bookmarked them and plan to try some of those ideas. Thank you, thank you!!!